Quality Pet Boarding in Central Alberta

Day Boarding
Yes, we do offer daycare services, although our hours are limited so we may have to set up appointments if necessary and if they are workable. $28/day incl GST.

Overnight Boarding

Pick up and drop off hours:

Mon - Fri
9am-12pm & 4pm-6pm
9am-12pm only
8:30am-9:30pm & 4pm-6pm

You can drop off anytime of the day and if you pick up in the morning you will not be charged for
that day but if you pick up in the afternoon you will be charged for that day also.

High Quality Food
If your loved one has a sensitive stomach or a special diet, please bring that with you. We require that all raw food come in individual daily bags, this is easier for us to thaw them for the next day. Otherwise we serve a Pedigree brand called Healthy Vitality, the kennel food is included in the price.
Indoor Outdoor Kennels
All of our kennels have access to outside through a doggy door, unless it is storming or bed time these doors remain open. Our large kennels are 4’ wide x 8’ long, inside and the same outside. The smaller kennels are 3.5’ wide x 6’ long inside and outside. Please call regarding the cat spaces as there are a few options.

Outdoor Time

Our guests get yard time in the mornings as well as the afternoons. However we do not put them out in large groups but will
pair them up with another single if they seem to desire the company. Not all guests want to be sociable.

Medicine Administration
We can and will administer most medication, please confirm with us first, also bring pill pockets, etc, if necessary. Sorry we will not give tablets to felines as they have too many claws.

Family-Run Cat & Dog Kennel

Clinkers Kennels has been owned and loved by the Ubels family since 2006. Although the kids have all grown up and moved on, they still love to help tuck everyone into bed in the evenings. WE are very hands on owners and take pride in what we do. We will form a trusting relationship with your fur babies so that they will always feel safe and loved during their stay with us. We have a regular daily schedule and are closed in the afternoons so that our guests can get some rest and very needed sleep. We will take scheduled appointments during this time if absolutely necessary.

How To Book Your Pet

Please call our cell at 403-783-6272 to make an appointment or drop by to view our facility during regular hours. You can also email us at clinkerskennels@gmail.com. We require all vaccinations to be up to date including the annual Bordetella. We look forward to talking to you.